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Welcome to my iPhone and iPad Apps, designed to provide everything you need to know from conception, through pregnancy and childbirth, to raising your beautiful baby.

I am a media GP in the UK, and in a series of essential videos - for mums, dads and family – will guide you through this exciting, and sometimes nerve-racking, time.

Enjoy your pregnancy and baby, enjoy my Apps.

Dr Hilary Jones: Pregnancy


Everything you want to know about pregnancy from the very earliest stages and the things that might happen right through to childbirth.

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Dr Hilary Jones: Your Baby

Your Baby

Welcome to my App devoted to the healthcare of babies from birth to six months of age.

As a dad of 5 kids myself, I know just how very special and exciting it is looking after a newborn baby, but also how anxious it can make you feel and just what a responsible job it really is. Sometimes it can be terrifying.

The thing is, your baby doesn’t come with an instruction manual and sometimes your partner, your own mum or grandmother are not on hand or have the experience to help either. But you will learn from your baby and your baby of course will learn from you.

What I’m telling you here can’t be a substitute for the direct advice you get from your health visitor or family doctor, who can see your baby first-hand. But it’s a really good start and hopefully it’ll answer most of those questions you really need to know when the chips are down, it’s the middle of the night, you’re at your wits’ end and there is no-one else around to help.

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Dr Hilary Jones: Your Toddler

Your Toddler

It can be scary when children in distress look to you for help. What are the symptoms, and how should you react – from rashes to screams of apparent pain - and when should you call a doctor?

In 26 videos, leading media doctor and father of five, Dr Hilary Jones, covers a range of other topics like bed-wetting, vomiting, and temper tantrums; growth and development; immunisation, prevention of accidents, and resuscitation.

With vital guidance on your baby’s nutrition, so you know you are doing everything you can for their health, now and in their future.

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